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Conductive Plastic, Conductive Thermoplastic, Anti-Static PlasticOur conductive plastic materials are conductive thermoplastic polymers. We manufacture both anti-static plastic and conductive plastic resins for the plastics molding industry.

Conductive & Anti-Static Plastic Compounds - RTP CompanyEach offers different approaches to providing the exact degree of conductivity required for your application, whether anti-static, static dissipative, ESD protection, conductive, or EMI/RFI shielding. In all-polymeric grades, conductive IDP polymers are alloyed with host resins, for others conductive particulate or fibers are combined with a base polymer to form a conductive matrix. anti-static and conductive plastic compounds have a number of advantages over metals or surfactant coatings ...

Schmalz: Vacuum Technology for Efficient ProcessesSchmalz is one of the world's leading suppliers in automation technology, handling technology and clamping technology.

Fraser Anti Static | Static control for the plastic industryProcess Control. static issues occurring during plastic processing will often cause material misbehavior. This can result in reduced process speeds and other expensive manual intervention in order to prevent parts sticking, jamming or mis-feeding. The correct choice of static eliminator when properly mounted should eliminate these issues.

Controlling Plastics ESD - Tek Pak, Inc.static electricity is a little like a bomb waiting to explode. Its energy, therefore, must be managed. The relevant question is: How can a material respond to electrical energy as a shock absorber reacts to mechanical energy? Or, foam rubber to audio energy? Or, more specifically, how far should resistance to electron flow be lowered? Nature seems to have cast the midrange as best for buffering: Earth and water are good lightning absorption materials. Wet tree trunks range from 1010 ...

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An Introduction to Anti-Static, Dissipative, and Conductive Plastics ...Wait! Aren't all plastics conductive? Aren't plastics the ultimate insulators? You're right-plastics are used extensively in many industries, including electronics, as insulators. But plastics are not just naturally dissipative; most of them are made that way using additives. Let's examine how anti-static, conductive, and dissipative plastics are produced and classified. In order to understand how this works, let's take a second to examine the phenomenon of electrostatic charge and conductivity.

Belts for the Wood Panel Board Industry - Ammeraal BeltechHigh durability, reliable and abrasion resistance belts keep maintenance and belt wear to a minimum. Wear resistant cover materials give extremely good resistance against wood pulp, promoting extended belt life. Our conveyor belts, endless woven belts and plastic uni modular belts have been specially developed to full specific production requirements. B Belt scales. Endless belts with constant mass per unit area. antistatic properties. ATEX certified. A. Mat-forming machine.

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