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Evolutionary Response of Barley Composite Cross II to . Resistance. Evolutionary Response of Barley Composite Cross II to Rhynchosporium seceh's. Analyzed by Pathogenic Complexity and by Gene-by-Raee Relationships . allelic frequencies indicated that selection favored alleles for resistance in seasons . have studied genetic variability in the pathogenicity of this fungus

Material resistance of flame retarded wood-plastic composites . Flame retarded wood-plastic composites (WPCs) should allow safe application in areas of fire risk. Halogen-free flame retardants can contain high amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus or sulphur, which may serve as nutrition source for wood degrading fungi and accelerate wood decay. Therefore, the material resistance of..

Effect of Acetate Group Content in Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate . - Hindawi May 3, 2016 . The effect of the content of vinyl acetate groups in ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer on the properties of polymer composite based on low density .. The evaluations of the fungus resistance were performed by the growth intensity of fungus on the polymer film surface placed on solid media Czapek and were..

Hardness, Decay and Water Resistance of Polypropylene . - SciELO This report describes two objectives; (1) to investigate the influence of fungal decay on the weight loss of almond shell flour filled polymer composites (2) to determine the effect of montmorillonite and almond shell flour on the hardness, water absorption, and thickness swelling of the composites prior to and after incubation..

Dimensional stability and fungal decay of rubber wood . - NOPR Sep 29, 2003 . V An attempt has been made to improve dimensional stability and resistance to biological deterioration of rubber wood (Hevea brasiliensis) against fungal decay via preparation of wood-polymer composites lWPC). Monomer formulations based on methyl methacrylate (MMA), butyl methacrylate (BMA),..

Effects of processing method and moisture history on laboratory . Description. The purpose of this study was to clarify the effects of composite processing and moisture sorption on laboratory fungal resistance of wood-plastic composites. A 2-week water soaking or cyclic boiling-drying procedure was used to infuse moisture into composites made from high-density polyethylene filled with..

Providing moisture and fungal protection to wood-based. composites could be effectively applied to furnish that is subsequently used in strand panel production. The physical and fungal resistance prop- erties of the panels were enhanced without decreasing their mechanical properties. Wood-based composites are in- creasingly being used as replacements for solid sawn lumber. However..

Laboratory tests on fungal resistance of wood filled polyethylene . Description. A standard method for determining the durability of structural wood was modified for testing the fungal resistance of composites made from high density polyethylene filled with 50% wood flour. Moisture content, mechanical properties, and weight loss were measured over 12 weeks exposure to brown-and..

Effects of nano-clay on biological resistance of wood-plastic . ART脥CULO. Effects of nano-clay on biological resistance of wood-plastic composite against five wood-deteriorating fungi. E. Bari1, H. R. Taghiyari2,鈾? O. Schmidt3, A. Ghorbani4, H. Aghababaei5. 1Department of Wood and Paper Science, Section of Wood Modification and Preservation, Sari Agriculture and Natural..

IJMS | Free Full-Text | UV-Surface Treatment of Fungal Resistant . Jul 18, 2017 . A commercial polyether-based thermoplastic PU with hydrolytic stability and fungus resistance was only attacked by an entomopathogenic fungus, Metarhiziumanisopliae, when the films were pre-treated with Ultraviolet (UV) irradiation in the presence of reactive atmospheres. Water contact angle, Fourier..

Fungal degradation of fiber-reinforced composite materials. - NCBI Mater Perform. 1997 Mar;36(3):37-42. Fungal degradation of fiber-reinforced composite materials. Gu JD(1), Lu C, Mitchell R, Thorp K, Crasto A. Author information: (1)Division of Applied Sciences, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA 02138-1903, USA. As described in a previous report, a fungal consortium isolated from..

Evaluation of proposed test methods to determine decay resistance . to determine decay resistance of natural fiber plastic composites. Juan L Lopez. Paul A. Cooper^. Mohini Sain. Abstract. Methodologies for assessing the decay susceptibility ofnalural fiber plastic composite extmsions were evaluated. The suscepti- bility to fungal decay of five natiiral fibers (hemp, flax, rice husks, so Itwood..

Mechanical Properties and Decay Resistance of Wood . - CiteSeerX Wood-polymer composites (WPC) have been extensively used for building products, automotive, packaging materials, and other applications. WPC is subject to fungal and termite attacks due to wood components enveloped in the thermoplastic matrix. Significant efforts have been recently made to improve decay resistance..

Effects of processing method and moisture history on . - EBSCOhost resistance of wood-HDPE composites. Craig M. Clemons. Rebecca E. lbach. Abstract. The purpose of this study was to clarify the effects ofcompositc processing and moisture sorption on laboratory fungal resistance of wood-plastic composites. A 2-week water soaking or cyclic boiling-drying procedure was used to infuse..

Decay Resistance, Hardness, Water Absorption, and Thickness . The decay resistance, hardness, water absorption, and thickness swelling of a bagasse fiber/polypropylene composite were evaluated. Brown-(Coniophora puteana) and white-rot (Trametes versicolor) fungal treatments were applied for 8, 12, and 16 weeks according to BS 838:1961 with the kolle-flask method

Moisture and Fungal Durability of Wood-Plastic Composites Made . isothiazolone-based solution did not show any mass losses due to fungal decay. Keywords: wood-plastic composites, fungal durability, moisture resistance, acetylation, isothiazolone. 1. INTRODUCTION. Wood plastic composites (WPC) are a combination of wood in the form of flour, fibers or particles, and a thermoplastic..

fungal resistance of nonmetallic honeycomb core materials , for . NRDC, for effectiveness in honeycomb composite materials construction. Five epoxy adhesives were submitted by the Adhesives Laboratory for microbial testing, and all five were fungal-resistant in tropical chamber and plate tests. In comparison with the CERL materials, AMEL MIL-SPEC honeycomb materials were about..

Material resistance of weathered wood-plastic composites against . Material performance testing of wood-plastic composites (WPC) requires adequate and time-efficient evaluation of the resistance against fungal colonisation and decay. This study investigates the effects of weathering on WPCs and subsequent material degradation by fungi. Weathering using UV radiation, water spray and..

QTL mapping reveals genetic determinants of fungal disease - Nature Jun 12, 2017 . Composite interval mapping revealed five QTLs with a significant association with resistance to C. lentis race 0, six QTLs for C. lentis race 1 resistance, and three QTLs for S. botryosum resistance. Taken together, the data obtained in the study reveal that the expression of resistance to fungal diseases in L

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