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Top 10 tips for creating an eco-friendly patio - Loll Designs . Mar 17, 2015 . With spring right around the corner, we want to share with you some of our top ideas for creating eco-friendly patios. Some tips are simple others a bit more time-intensive. But all provide you the flexibility to make your space your own while creating a contemporary and sustainable outdoor area

How to Clean a Cement Patio | DIY Get your concrete patio ready for outdoor entertaining with these cleaning tips from DIY Network. . Spray the solution onto the surface, let sit for a few minutes and then scrub with a stiff nylon-bristled brush. Don't use a metallic . You can also make natural, eco-friendly cleaners from ingredients in your kitchen. Vinegar is..

Eco Mold Go - Environment Friendly Exterior Mold Removal Eco Mold Go is a self-cleaning, No Rinse Application that effectively cleans Algae Infected Exterior Surfaces For a Crystal Clean Mold Free Surface

Green Exterior Concrete 8 Eco-Friendly Outdoor Concrete Ideas . Get eight ways to use concrete for its eco-friendly benefits on the exterior of buildings including using concrete for walls, roofing tiles, driveways, and more. . pervious concrete driveway, you can add integral color to the concrete before it's placed or spray apply water-based concrete stains on the surface after installation

Patio Stones | Paving Stones for Patios | HouseLogic Rubber tiles are made from recycled tires. They're designed to go over any surface, and their light weight means you can use them on decks. They look like concrete tiles, with finishes that resemble brick and terra cotta. They're fairly new on the market, so the jury is still out on how they perform over time. Rubber tiles are..

Eco Friendly Outdoor Furniture | Pottery Barn Pottery Barn's eco friendly outdoor furniture features renewable natural materials. Find stylish eco furniture and relax in sustainable comfort

Hardscaping 101: Eco-Friendly Paving Solutions - Gardenista Apr 30, 2015 . But, using pervious surfaces is the smart and environmentally friendly. . patio, sidewalk, or garden path project, consider permeable pavers or pervious concrete to allow for natural drainage while providing a solid surface strong enough to . Above: EcoGrid is another pervious concrete paving grid option

Environmentally Friendly Ways to Clean Mold Off Concrete Patios . Jun 4, 2015 . Overview. Indoor and outdoor mold can grow on concrete surfaces like patios and basement floors and walls. When mold appears indoors, it can present a health hazard. Outdoors, mold can mar the appearance of the patio and make the patio surface slick. You should remove this mold quickly, but without..

New England Concrete Pavers - Eco-Conscious Driveway and . It is important to consider our impact on the environment. If you are environmentally conscientious, or perhaps facing zoning restrictions on surfaces or areas that are limiting what you can build on your property, our eco-friendly permeable interlocking concrete pavers could be the right choice for you. Our Aqua-Bric and..

Natural Homemade Cleaners for Concrete Patios | Home Guides . This article presents choices for readers to create safe, natural cleaning products for their concrete patio. . Baking soda is slightly abrasive, which makes it an excellent choice for cleaning a patio's rough surfaces. Mixed with water . Use your favorite eco-friendly liquid soap and add a little baking soda to clean your patio

Recover Your Patio with Envirotile | Garden Club If you're looking for an environmentally friendly way to spruce up your patio space, consider covering that concrete slab with attractive tiles. . We asked Above Average Joe of the Home Depot Garden Club Forums to help demonstrate how easy it can be to install Envirotiles on a concrete patio surface. Step 1. Start out by..

Permeable Pavers: Patios, Walkways, and Driveways Made of . To help reduce surface runoff, consider using permeable pavers porous pavement instead of old-fashioned concrete. . Green building expert Dan Chiras provides information and recommendations on energy-saving and eco-friendly projects in this ongoing department, reen Home Improvement. KEITH WARD

The Best Options for Outdoor Surfaces - Sustainable Build Dec 7, 2010 . The increase of paved-over gardens has been blamed for increased flooding in the UK - but regulations have now been put in place to ensure that environmentally-sound options are used. Fortunately, there are a number of eco-friendly options for outdoor surfacing

Environmental Molding Concepts (EMC) - Rubber Flooring Paver . Recycled rubber paver tiles are designed to provide a comfortable and protective floor covering for your patio, walkways, decks, garage or pathways. Made from 100% recycled rubber content, Paver Tile is an excellent choice to create a beautiful rubber fl

Permeable Paving Options - Landscaping Network Permeable paving is categorized using many different building materials; however, they are all sustainable and allow water to flow through their surface. While other . If you desire to take your sustainability another step further you can use urbanite, or recycled pieces of concrete to create a permeable patio. Brick: Can be..

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