using a planer to refinish deck

How to Resurface Cracked & Splintered Wood Decks - Home Guides Sand the deck with an orbital flooring sander. Because you've power-washed the wood, there shouldn't be any finish to remove, so use 80-grit sandpaper for the first pass. It has enough cutting power to knock down raised edges and remove splinters from softwood such as redwood and cedar

Can Painted or Stained 2x6 boards be run through a planer? Mar 27, 2013 . That got the cupping out and stripped off the paint in no time. I followed it up with 80 grit to . to be sealed with something? Or can I just go with a deck stain? . It'll work but the blades will dull very fast, with any luck you can get access to a sanding 'planer' to take the top layer off. steveastrouk frollard4 years..

Bloedorn Lumber DIY - How to Refinish a Wood Deck & Refinishing . Whether you're enjoying a peaceful moment away from it all or entertaining during a summer barbeque with friends and neighbors, your deck is a high traffic area in the warm months and it's crucial that you keep it protected from that traffic as well as weather and sun. A healthy deck not only looks better but it's safer. In order..

Refinishing Hardwood Floors - Lowe's Step 1. loading sandpaper to begin refinishing hardwoods process. Begin in the farthest corner from the door. Load the sander with 30-40 grit sandpaper. Start it and immediately begin moving along the grain, one row at a time. Failure to begin sanding immediately will damage the floor

Stripping paint using planer - Festool Owners Group Oct 15, 2010 . Would it be sacrilegious to us a Festool planer to strip old paint off of wood? My neighbor is tearing out chunks of his deck and like the garbage man I am I am going to scavenge what lumber is still usable. Some of it has paint on it and I want to remove it down to bare wood. I'm also in the market for a small..

Deck planing - YouTube Jul 30, 2012 . How to Use a Surface Planer | Woodworking - Duration: 5:22. Howcast 454,904 views · 5:22. Samurai Live, Deck Framing Tips, How To - Duration: 24:38. The Samurai Carpenter 134,393 views · 24:38 · Video 4.Do I need to sand my deck? - Duration: 5:35. CUTEK Professional Wood Care 135,918 views

Deck planing - YouTube Jul 30, 2012 . 10:06. The Tiny House: planing your reclaimed lumber (a recap vid) - Duration: 3:49. Tiny r(E)volution 4,766 views · 3:49 · Updating Your Deck with New Composite Decking Boards - Duration: 9:34. 324,308 views · 9:34. Part 3 Stanley Board Bender Straightening Bent Bowed Deck Boards..

Ipe Decking Finishes | Professional Deck Builder | Finishes and . Apr 14, 2015 . Q. Our contractor applied oil to our ipe decking with a paint roller, then left at the end of the day without wiping off the excess. Now . Usually all we do is give it a quick sanding using 80-grit paper, which removes any mill glaze (the soft sheen on the faces of the boards from the cutters of the planer they were..

I hate solid-color decking stains!! (quite long rant) [Archive . I reluctantly went with the solid stain - which is more like a paint, having a 'film' compared to a regular stain that stains the wood. ... the planer route would take a bit longer, and depending on your deck size it may or may not cost you more than new decking, but I'm wondering if the stain didn't stick well..

New cedar deck - when to stain? | This Old House Jul 22, 2011 . After the water test shows the mill glaze is no longer present, you can treat the deck with either an oil or water based stain. .. stains and automotive clear coats will use these transparent iron oxides as UV blockers to protect the substrate or paint without hiding the substrate or affecting the colour of the paint

Can I run pressure treated deck boards through thickness planer . Apr 4, 2016 . I'm trying to convince myself that purchasing a $500 thickness planer and planing 1/16" or 1/32" off the surface of the boards is a better use of funds than just buying new boards. . Rent a floor refinishing belt sander or a large orbital sander (24in disk) and keep the boards in place and sand them down

Dover Projects: Refinishing a Pressure Treated Deck I then gave the deck a good rinse with the garden hose to remove the stripper, and started in with a 2,600 max psi pressure washer. This yielded much better results than the stripper. Anything loose (and then some) came up. I couldn't have easily removed all of the stain/paint, so I only removed what wanted to come up and..

How to Use a Power Planer | Family Handyman With the proper skill and accessories, you can also use power planers for finesse work like beveling door edges, scribing cabinets and countertops, and shaping .. Many rental centers are dropping planers from their tool inventory because of customers who abuse the tools by running the blades over old paint and hidden..

Decking is Not a Finished Product - J Gibson McIlvain Nov 21, 2017 . Like our analogy with the cat, wood will fight back when your planer encounters grain going in a different direction, and wood will tear out, creating a rough . So even after taking into account all of the points above, the single most effective thing you can do to ensure your deck looks its best is to use a deck..

Am I mad - electric planer on marabou deck - Home - Whirlpool Forums Short vers: Is it feasible to revive an old merbau deck by taking up the boards and individually planing them? Longer vers: We recently extended an existing merbau deck. The new bit looks great, but it only emphasises the problems with the old part. Paint stains, old peeling deck finish and general neglect

How to Remove Paint From a Wooden Deck | Hunker Nov 12, 2009 . There are two methods to remove paint on a deck; chemical and mechanical. Chemical methods involve fairly caustic chemicals that can be applied by sprayer, brush, and roller. Mechanical methods include power washing, sanding and planing. Using a combination of these methods will yield the best..

Advice on old deck- joiner vs planer - HomeOwners' Hub May 22, 2006 . Then it occurred to me that it might be very cost effective to buy a joiner or planer and run the surface boards through it and end up with an almost new, smooth deck surface. Sorry for the long preface, but now to the question: as a rookie woodworker I'm not real clear on the difference between a planer and..

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