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How To Resurface A Concrete Retaining Wall | DoItYourself.comA concrete retaining wall will likely last many years. However, you may need to resurface such a wall due to damage caused by weather, neglect, poor installation, ground movement or age. It is also a good idea to periodically resurface a concrete wall to keep it strong and looking new.

How To Resurface Concrete Patios: Help for DIYers - The Spruce17 Feb 2017 ... Mix the new concrete. There are fancier ways to do the job, but I mixed it in a wheelbarrow, using a shovel. Properly mixing concrete involves adding water in stages, until the proper consistency is attained. Normally, I would add the water using a garden hose. However, I was resurfacing my concrete patio on a cool day, so I chose to use heated water to speed the setting time (following QUIKRETE's directions). This required me to bring out water from inside my house ...

Exterior & Interior Resurfaced Wall Designs & Ideas | Concrete CraftBring your walls to life with resurfaced concrete. Visit our Concrete Craft website to learn more about resurfaced concrete driveways!

Re-coat a painted wall with new stucco, complete stucco resurfacing ...18 Apr 2013 ... View reply. View reply. Hide replies. john metyk5 months ago. hi Kirk from Florida I have stucco upper block outside walls with bottom 1/3 what looks like fake bricks it's raised about 1/4in from wall with each one, home is 1974 the immitation I suspect are concrete each painted red with white surroundings is it possible to evenly texture over it filling the gaps between bricks then paint or will having it stuccoed over be better assuming prior stucco can be matched.Thanks.

How to Resurface Concrete Walls | Hunker29 Mar 2010 ... Concrete walls are most common in basements and are prone to water and chemical damage causing discoloration, cracks and leaks. Concrete walls are also used in industrial buildings such as factories and converted downtown lofts. Such walls have been subject to much abuse and become disfigured with hairline cracks, holes and chipping. Resurfacing concrete walls can rejuvenate old brittle walls while sustaining the durability of the structure and safeguarding ...

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