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Recycled Ocean Plastic Could Be the Building Block of Our Future . Nov 4, 2016 . Their process uses modular technology to transform plastic into a material called RePlast, and it's both simple and eco-friendly. Any form of plastic can be made into this new material, no matter its shape or density. Furthermore, the plastic doesn't have to be sorted, washed, or glued together. A big payout..

Our future begins NOW // Stop plastic consumption - Michaelablog Oct 10, 2017 . Our future begins NOW // Stop plastic consumption . Recycling is not a foreign word in Switzerland and we emphasize the recycling of materials. Some sources state that Swiss are world . It won't get any better without counteraction, because the plastic consumption is increasing rapidly! That's why we..

What do our future cities look like? - Let it Grow Mar 30, 2017 . Architects were turning to materials like plastic, instead of steel, concrete or brick. . Of course, they have the technical skills, but that does not mean a good idea cannot come from a cook, a gardener or a businessman. . The city of Amsterdam is doing a good job at keeping its 'green lungs' green

9 Materials That Will Change the Future of Manufacturing [Slide Show] Apr 22, 2013 . These ingredients include superinsulating aerogels for spacesuits, flexible concrete cloth for construction projects and complex natural polymers that could replace toxic plastics. Yet this lineup of advanced materials merely scratches the surface. Carmakers, for example, are developing porous polymers..

Sustainable Fabrics RUMI X RECYCLING FOR OUR FUTURE How our signature fabric is made from plastic bottles Water bottles are collected and sent to a recycling facility where the conversion. . The result is super soft fabrics with moisture-wicking properties and ultra-stretch - allowing you to feel good in movement. Our next innovation? Watch this..

Monsanto House of the Future - When Plastics Ruled Our Future Mar 10, 2017 . Monsanto House of the Future was an attempt by MIT and Disneyland to show how our future could be more efficient and easier with a pre-fab plastic house. . Materials included: Acrylon, melamine, rayon, vinyl (flooring), and even plywood. Each of the four wings was capable of supporting 13 tons

9 Materials That Will Change the Future of Manufacturing [Slide Show] Researchers are developing cutting-edge foams, coatings, metals and other substances to make our homes, vehicles and gadgets more energy efficient and environmentally friendly

New Seaweed-Based Material Could Replace Plastic Packaging . Mar 9, 2016 . Concerned about the implications of using so much plastic, a new Japanese design company, AMAM, is developing a more earth-friendly way to package goods. Called Agar Plasticity, the product is derived from agar, a gelatinous material that can be readily found in red marine algae. The design team's..

23 best Don't trash our future images on Pinterest | Plastic bags . Explore Loretta Schnell's board "Don't trash our future" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Plastic bags, Plastic pollution and Recycling

Graphene Will Change the Way We Live | Big Think Not only is graphene the thinnest possible material that is feasible, but it's also about 200 times stronger than steel and conducts electricity better than any material . increasing the efficiency of electric batteries by use of graphene powder; optoelectronics; stiffer-stronger-lighter plastics; leak-tight, plastic containers that keep..

Their Future is Our Future - UN Environment Oct 23, 2017 . I think it was an inspired move to hold conference on migratory species called heir Future is Our Future just before the UN Environment Assembly on pollution. Especially in a country with a . Plastic is incredibly useful, increasing demand 20-fold in the last 50 years. But our taste for single-use plastic is..

Our oceans, our future - Mott MacDonald The best thing we can do to protect our marine environment is try to keep as much plastic as possible out of the waste stream in the first place. So what steps can we take to have a big impact on the levels of ocean plastics as well as simultaneously removing them from the waters? As a starting point, here are some tips on..

Rethinking the future of plastics | McKinsey & Company Yet functional benefits come at a price. Plastic packaging, especially, is the quintessential single-use product: it represents a quarter of the total volume of plastics, and around 95 percent of the value of plastic-packaging material (worth some $80 billion to $210 billion annually) is lost to the economy. And while its intended..

The Technology That Will Build Our Future May Be Found In . Apr 1, 2015 . It sounds bizarre, but fungi better known as mushrooms can help solve many of society's greatest challenges, from cleaning up the environment and living more sustainability to colonizing . What if we could begin phasing out environmentally destructive plastics, foams, and synthetic building materials?Our Future Vehicles Will Use Lighter, Advanced Materials | Plastics . May 24, 2017 . BUT because plastics are typically lighter than other materials, plastics comprise only ten percent of today's cars by weight. . Considering that traditionally manufactured cars can contain tens of thousands of painstakingly assembled parts, this points to great potential for improved efficiency, cost savings,..

Landfills: Our Future Supermarkets | John Huffman | Pulse | LinkedIn Apr 19, 2017 . We will have depleted the ore for new metal, and the material costs for glass, plastic, oil, etc. will have skyrocketed to the point where it is cheaper just to . What good is a curbside service that picks up a few hundred pounds weekly from a neighborhood when businesses like hospitals or airlines or events..

Sustainable Food Packaging For Our Future - Biodegradable Food . Moreover, the food looks great and appeals to the prospective buyer too. Packaging Materials Used in Australia. Roughly about 35% of the packaging materials used in Australia are paper, board (cartons etc.). Another 30% of the packaging market is plastic which includes PET, PVC, polypropylene and polystyrene. Plastics..

Degradable Polymers: Plastics our Future Can Depend On | Athens . Mar 22, 2016 . Of these materials, polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) make up the bulk of consumer plastics, and with good reason. They have superior thermal, mechanical, and storage properties that allow them to be used in the staggering variety of applications where..

Plastics Industry: Rising to the Challenges of the Future - FuturEnergia May 16, 2008 . Representing as we do a versatile and energy-efficient material, PlasticsEurope is increasing its efforts to educate and inform people about why plastics is the material of the future. Packaging and insulation are two good examples where plastics' unique characteristics are put to effective use to save energy..

Plastic Free New Zealand - Our Seas Our Future A campaign highlighting the effect of plastics and other anthropogenic materials on our environment, and advocating for the use of environmentally friendly .. #PlasticFreeNZ Christmas Indulgence Posted on 22/01/2016 by Rochelle Glover Isn't it odd that our culture celebrates with things that are not good for us or for the..

The History and Future of Plastics | Chemical Heritage Foundation Polymers abound in nature. Cellulose, the material that makes up the cell walls of plants, is a very common natural polymer. . World War II necessitated a great expansion of the plastics industry in the United States, as industrial might proved as important to victory as military success. The need to preserve scarce natural..

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