how to build a deck over a flat roof over deck

Building a floating deck on an epdm rubber roof surface - DecksGo May 29, 2011 . That being said, without a proper slope you should never install deck tiles as you are asking for trouble, even with a great system like the above. . a) that the epdm is lying flat on the roof subfloor without any sharp objects that can puncture the edpm once sleepers are laid over top and placed under load;How to Design a 14x16 Over-the-Deck Roof | Hunker Jan 18, 2011 . If you ever consider selling the house, most potential buyers will consider a roof enclosure on the deck as a positive asset. Deck . Should it be a flat roof? . Buy 1/2-inch plywood sheets to cover the roof, but draw exact sizes to install and how to fit them over the roof rafters, so that few pieces are left over

Building a Rooftop Deck - Mr. Roof Aug 8, 2017 . Flat roofs are incredibly versatile, and many homeowners choose to transform their flat roof sections into roof decks. Depending on the home's location and climate, a roof deck can be a fantastic addition to a home, adding utility and increasing property value. If you're considering building a roof deck, there..

Roof Deck: Cost, Installation, Best and Worst Flat Roof Materials Oct 23, 2017 . PVC, on the other hand, comes with a wide array of different sizes of square / rectangular and round flashings, that are heat welded, are easy to install, and will not shrink. PVC flat roof deck - post penetration. All PVC flashings are heat welded (hot air melts the membrane, and installer compresses two..

Best Way To Build A Removable Deck Over A Flat Roof???? - Decks . I have a customer who wants me to redo the deck over a flat roof. The original builder pitched the roof toward the house yes to the house . They now have leaks.. Ok he is my thought. My roofer is

Deck on Flat Roof help - InterNACHI Inspection Forum Anyone have a great graphic or pic of the proper method of constructing a wooden deck on a flat roof? . I see flat roofs often, but not with decks installed on them in this manner. I know many of . I do find that larger decks are often built on framework set on sleepers that follow the drainage slope of the roof

Choosing Waterproof Decking for Flat Roof Decks - Tufdek Apr 13, 2017 . Here's how Tufdek waterproof decking stands out on a flat roof deck: . We all know the different types of roofing material (asphalt, wood, metal, etc.) . If you already have one of these types of roofs, you *could* potentially cover the existing roof with PVC vinyl decking (on top of a flat, hard surface), but..

Deck Over Garage | Flat roof, Decking and Google search - Pinterest Flat Roof Decks. Rubber RoofingRoof TopThe RoofGarage RoofRooftop TerraceThe DeckOutdoor Living SpacesFlat Roof ConstructionFlat Roof Repair. Flat roofs with easy access are great for creating an outdoor living space. One issue that many people question me about is how to create a deck that is functional without..

Requirements for decking a roof | Remodeling | Decks, Construction . May 6, 2003 . Water leakage into the space below can result from several improper installation procedures. First off, a wood deck that isn't properly flashed where it's bolted to the house will sooner or later leak. A second problem is load. Deck posts placed on flat roofs, even those resting on 2-by block to distribute weight,..

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