lightweight wood for rooftops The Greenroof DepotSika Sarnafil's 'Extensive' Green Roof Systems are relatively lightweight and may be installed over any properly designed deck, including concrete, wood and steel. These systems feature only a few inches of soil and typically support smaller plantings tolerant of high heat, drought, wind, and frost. Extensive-style roofs are often used in areas that will not be subject to regular traffic.

Has anyone ever built their own rooftop luggage or cargo box?20 May 2012 ... 3/4" plywood seems like overkill to me (tho I'm only thinking about putting lightweight but bulky stuff in the box), so say you built with 1/4" (marine?) ply with 1"sq internal frame, then you'd be around 50lb or so (at 3lb/sqft-in for plywood), plus some clamps and waterproofing (spar varnish?) ... If they had tried to pick up this box with a big claw under the ends, it would have ripped the roof up or at least pulled the roof racks out of the roof (if the wood didn't fail at the claws!)

Weighing in: Ten of the best lightweight houses - New Atlas23 Jan 2014 ... Some sit up on stilts, some float on water and some can be delivered by flat-bed truck. Made from shipping containers, bamboo, plastic and timber. Here are 10 houses that are lightweight, low-impact, small and efficient.

Seattlites Learn What Will Grow in the Nation's First Rooftop ... - OPB20 Jan 2015 ... Higbee consulted with urban gardening experts to find lightweight soil mixtures and wood chips, which were pumped four floors up. The second challenge was to build a garden on the sloping surface of the parking garage without all the soil sliding off in the rain. Higbee says that they decided to build terraced planting beds of wooden boxes, which are lined with a fabric that allows water to pass through, but not soil. The boxes were filled with about 12-

Large lightweight multi-section garden planters for rooftops and ...24 Aug 2017 ... garden planters, planters, large planters, multi-section planters, wood planters, balcony planters, fiberglass garden planters, green roof, Landscape Architect, LEED, planter liners, plastic planters, planter liners.

Guide to Rooftop Gardens | Garden DesignHow can the weight be kept down? Pre-fabricated wood, fiberglass, and metal planters are usually pretty lightweight to begin with. Custom planters are bulkier and can be designed with false bottoms in them to help reduce the total amount of soil needed to fill them. As far as decking goes, wood or porcelain decking is usually lighter weight than stone or concrete.

Wood Deck Tiles on Rooftop Decks, Patios & Terraces - Video 2 of 7 ...20 Sep 2009 ... Bison wood Deck Tiles offers real-wood warmth and natural authenticity while providing a low maintenance and long lasting decking solution. wood Tiles are lightweight and pre-assembled to a size of 2ft x 2ft. Works with Bison Deck Supports and Fastening Kit (patent pending) on rooftops, terraces, patios, plazas and green roofs. Bison offers Ipe Tiles and Massaranduba Tiles. Video 2 of 7 video series. See all videos at

Flooring Designed for Rooftops have these Features - GreatmatsRubber, wood, Turf and Plastic Rooftop Tiles have several design features in common. Learn the pros and cons of each.

Pedestal Supported Rooftop Decks - Interlocking Ipe wood deck tiles... rooftop deck of your dreams without construction experience or calling an expensive contractor. Most people view roofdecks as permanent structures requiring heavy supporting structures made of steel or wood beams. And most condo building owners will not permit anything permanent to be constructed on the roof, even if the structure can support the weight. This is where our SwiftDeck interlocking deck tiles shine. Simply snap our lightweight and user-friendly 12x12 and 24x12 ...

Build Elevated Roof Decks with Archi Pedestal PaversThirdly, in many localities, and particularly in densely populated urban regions, fire regulations are becoming increasingly strict and may prohibit the construction of a solid wood deck. Fourthly, all decks will slope slightly for drainage, with service pipes, electrical conduits and other service ducts crossing the rooftop at some points, adding a further challenge to building a roof deck. When the rooftop is free of most obstructions and may only have a gentle slope to drainage points, ...

Rooftop Raised Bed - Master Garden Products6 Sep 2016 ... The purpose of our multi-tiered cedar wood raised bed are specially designed to efficiently utilize your limited space in your home, such as the rooftop and balcony. This vertical gardening raised bed combines the convenience of raised bed gardening and green roofing to make working with relatively limited space possible. Cedar wood is light weight and naturally rot resistance. It is a great insulator to help the growing medium of the plant to withstand any type of ...

Large lightweight garden planters for roof gardens and balconies ...1 Feb 2016 ... lightweight and cost-effective, multi-section garden planters by DeepStream Designs can help integrate green rooftop and balcony landscaping into more projects. Reducing the weight of structural components allow for more ... 800 feet of DeepStream Designs light weight modular multi-section planter system, shown on a roof deck in midtown Manhattan, is made with maintenance free recycled plastic lumber. DeepStream has two systems of proprietary lightweight ...

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