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Covering a concrete stoop with wood - Houzz Sep 21, 2013 . We have a 72" X 42" concrete stoop with four steps that we would like to cover with a wood floor and new railings. We want to expand it by 18" on each side so it is 9 ft . Agree you will not be saving any time or money by framing over the concrete. You really dont want to even PT wood in contact with..

Building a Wooden Deck Over a Concrete One: 6 Steps (with Pictures) Replacing the concrete deck with wood could have been done in one of two ways: completely demolish the concrete porch and build a 100% wooden one in its place, or use the concrete as a .. The bottom edge is flush with the bottom of the concrete floor since this is where the frame for bottom panels will be installed

How to Build a Concrete Pad - Lowe's Step 1. Wood frame for concrete pad. Use 2 x 4 lumber to build a wood frame the desired size and set it in place to mark the area. Drive stakes into the ground to mark the outside corners of the frame

Pouring Concrete Against Wood Framed Construction - YouTube Sep 7, 2012 . This is just a quick video for my friend who is building a home. I noticed something in his video that raised a red flag for me so I thought I would rough out a quick detail to show how to pour the concrete porch slab against the wood construction. Basically you do not want to install your siding and trim system..

Building a wall on an existing slab - Fine Homebuilding Sep 1, 1993 . I have a concrete patio in the corner of my L-shaped house. . Set the threaded rods into the cement-filled holes; make sure the rods are long enough to pass through a wood sill that will sit on the curb. . If the slab is high enough from the ground, you won't need a curb; you can simply begin framing. If not..

How to Frame Concrete Patios | DoItYourself.com Since you will be pouring gravel, and eventually concrete, into the space where your patio will rest, you will need some sort of frame to make sure that the gravel and concrete stay in place throughout this process. Frames for this purpose will usually be made out of wood, but in some cases you may prefer to use either strong..

How to Lay a Concrete Pad | how-tos | DIY Build Wooden Frame. Level pegs around the site to the depth of the concrete pad plus foundations. Nail boards into the pegs. Insert further level pegs and boards to divide the slab into manageable strips. This wooden frame is known as the formwork

How can I tell if the exterior walls of a house are concrete block (CBS) Aug 28, 2016 . 2)Windows in wood frame walls are set close to the outside face of the wall, typically within 1-inch or less, but windows in a concrete block wall are recessed about 3-inches. 3)Some houses are a combination of two different types of wall structures. It was popular in our area during the 1960s and early 70s..

How to Build a Concrete Porch/Stoop (Framing, Mixing, Pouring . How to Build a Concrete Porch/Stoop (Framing, Mixing, Pouring Concrete). July 15, 2008 | by Ethan (email) | . Me and about 5 other family members took on the challenge of making a nice concrete stoop for her. Click on any of . Then, we drove wooden stakes into the ground and attached them to the outside of the form

Why don't we build more concrete homes in the US? - Trulia Voices CBS construction would be an excellent way to build up north, it's a happy medium between poured concrete and wooden frames. Your house won't .. Living just outside of Chicago, you can imagine our weather extremes, however, regardless of our notorious weather extremes, my gas bill for ALL of 2016, was, $660.22

How to Pour a Concrete Patio (with Pictures) - wikiHow Cut 2x4s to make the frame. The frame (also called the form) holds the concrete. Cut the 2x4 to the length so that the inside dimensions are equal to the patio area. The form will be removed after the patio is finished, so you want to make sure you don't count the edge of the frame into your dimensions; if you do this, the patio..

Step-by-Step Concrete Porch Construction | Hunker Apr 27, 2010 . Mark the placement of the new porch structure with spray paint or by driving wooden stakes in the ground at each corner of the porch area. Frame out the entire area of the porch by building a concrete form out of 2 x 6 inch wooden boards. Use a saw to cut the wood to length, and secure the pieces together..

framing - Pouring a concrete slab against my house: how to frame . Feb 17, 2012 . Unlike wood, this material will resist rotting. Compound image /catalog/productImages/300/1e/1e7529ab-3f7c-41d9-949c-5e667195fbb1_300.jpg. You'd still build a wood frame for pouring the slab, but you'd fill the joint touching your house with this material after it has set and the..

Pouring Concrete for a Patio | HowStuffWorks Keep Reading Below. Work section by section to pour the patio. About 1 hour before you mix the cement, soak the gravel base with the fine spray of a garden hose, to keep the concrete from drying too quickly. Protect the top edges of the wood frame around each unit with 2-inch-wide masking tape. Load the cement mixer..

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