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Patio Drainage: Avoiding and Correcting Problems - The Concrete . Do portions of your concrete patio or pool deck sit under water after a heavy rain, ruining your outdoor activities? That's a sure sign that your patio isn't draining properly. Poor patio drainage not only spoils your outdoor fun, it can also allow water to seep into your basement if the water pools next to your house. Here are..

Roof Scupper vs. Roof Drain - Jurin Roofing In short, a scupper is a detail that provides drainage to a roof system by allowing the water runoff from the roof to exit the roof through a metal edge, parapet wall or through the deck into a downspout or leader not run through the interior of the building. Scupper drains do not normally provide protection against water back up..

Raise the Roof: How to Plant a Rooftop Garden #gardening May 8, 2015 . First, install a tapered layer of insulation to the rooftop to channel excess water into a storage tank system or drainage on the ground. . If you're feeling extra confident in your DIY skills, you could construct a system to collect both excess drainage water and rainwater to be used in irrigation of your garden Roof Top Deck Construction Many times when roof decks are installed they further damage roofs causing more severe leaking and drainage problems. Proper waterproofing for a roof deck involves installing an EPDM membrane and flashing around deck supports and rail penetrations. This is often accomplished using EPDM boots that fit over the..

Build Elevated Roof Decks with Architrex Pedestal Pavers When the rooftop is free of most obstructions and may only have a gentle slope to drainage points, interlocking deck tiles are generally the simplest way of constructing an instant roof top deck. In this case, the deck tiles are simply laid over the top of the existing membrane and thus the deck surface will slope with the existing..

Under Deck Drainage Systems - | deck | Pinterest . DIY. Deck Blocks. Safian April 2009 | DECKPLANS. See More. Southeastern Michigan Under Deck Drainage System, RainEscape, DekDrain, , Outdoor Living Space .. A roof-top deck in Baltimore can increase your property value - Floating roof deck system that you'll find easy than you think to install! Find this..

Decks oofs You Can Walk On | Building Science Jul 13, 2011 . The roofers recognized that not a lot of drainage occurred in the mortar bed (despite the crushed stone around the drain); it was more like seepage and so in roof decks and balconies the roofers introduced a drainage gap. In more recent designs for shower pans we now see plumbers adding a drainage..

Building Waterproof Roof Decks | Professional Deck Builder . Jul 21, 2014 . Before any framing is done, I ask critical questions about the deck: Will there be a hot tub? How and where will water escape hrough a drain, or off the edge? Will there be gutters on the edge? Is the deck over living space or cantilevered out on joists? What are the proposed joist sizes? What kind of slope..

Cheap Under Deck Ceiling | Deck | Pinterest | Decking, Ceilings and . Winner of Architect magazine's 2009 R+D Award, DryJoistEZ is a structural deck drainage system that provides the structure of the deck, a waterproof solution and a ... If your favorite outdoor space is your deck, we give you over 30 inspiring Deck Railing Ideas to show how you can spruce it up, from DIY to store bought

Building a Rooftop Deck Over Living Space | BuildingAdvisor Oct 17, 2014 . However, you need to go well beyond code to build a reliable leak-proof deck over a living space. You can build the structural deck out of concrete, as it sounds like you are doing, or wood-frame construction. Either will work. The drainage system, flashing details, and waterproofing membrane that go over..

The 3 Most Common Flat Roof Drainage Systems - RoofSlope Sep 12, 2016 . The 3 Most Common Drain Systems of a Flat Roof. Flat roofs have unique architectural characteristics that make them desirable in many situations. They are ideal for climates that don't experience large quantities of rain and moisture. A rooftop garden or additional outside living space are top reasons..

SYNLawn Roof Deck and Patio System | artificial grass products . or composite decking and concrete deck tiles with less maintenance. Urban residential and commercial buildings may also benefit from using SYNLawn to create rooftop gardens, entertainment areas, and enhance balconies and terraces with a lightweight surface, easy installation methods, proper drainage, and carries..

Types of Decks to Build for Any Space on Your Property - The Spruce Sep 14, 2017 . Next comes a deck type or design, which will be determined by where the deck will be located in relation to your house. . which has to be set on a smooth, even surface, a detached deck is much more adaptable and forgiving of areas with poor drainage or bumpy, rocky or .. woman loungrooftop deck

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