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Deck Design Guide - The City of Portland, Oregon You may include all, or part of the pre-approved design standards and details in this guide with your building permit plans for decks that are: For one- and two-family dwellings. Single-span. All on one level. Not supporting a hot tub or spa. Not attached to house overhangs, bay windows, brick, stone or concrete block Can I use deck pier blocks instead of footings? Our inspector explains the pros and cons of using pier blocks for deck foundations. . A deck pier block is in many ways just a simplified version of a recast foundation a foundation type recognized by building codes. They're . For lateral forces, like a post getting hit with a lawn mower, we don't want the post kicked out

Deck Connection and Fastening Guide - Tulalip Tribes Simpson Strong-Tie Company Inc. warrants catalog products to be free from .. Any connections that do not meet the requirements discussed in this guide can . Hold-down tension devices shall be installed in not less than two locations per deck, and each device shall have an allowable stress design capacity of not less..

Modern 4-color Collected Company Zombies (Modern MTG Deck) Dec 7, 2017 . Im convinced collected company is the best card in modern that you could possible build a deck around. You play . . deck is great 1-3 drops. You build a sweet 2-4 color deck around it with valuable creatures that help eachother maintain board presence. . nasty in this deck. How does it hold at an FNM

Common Code Violations | Professional Deck Builder | Codes and . Jan 1, 2008 . As a building inspector, I see a lot of decks that aren't built to code despite the plan review process, the purpose of which is to identify any code issues before construction .. Ready-made footings such as the Dek-Block speed up the construction of free-standing decks, but don't provide uplift resistance

Deck Framing Connection Guide - The Home Depot Simpson Strong-Tie Company Inc. warrants catalog products to be free from defects in material or ... For 4x post. 6-SS16D to beam/deck, 6-SS16D to post. BCS2-2/4SS. 2-2x's to a 4x post. 8-SS10D to beam, 6-SS10D to post. BCS2-3/6SS. 3-2x's to a 6x post. 12-SS16D to .. Patios and pre-cast concrete piers do not qualify

Do deck blocks have to be in ground or can they be placed on top of . I like them to be in ground or a pier for instance dig a hole where you were going to place the block not to deep about 3ft. and just fill it with the sack crete product and water and set your post dont put it above ground simple erosion could cause all your hard work to end up a bit sideways/out of level the concrete is a little..

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