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What Kind of Covering Can You Put Over a Wood Subfloor on an . If any damage occurs, you can replace a single tile without having to replace the entire deck flooring. Depending upon the brand and quality of the tiles, this outdoor flooring option is usually more expensive than outdoor carpeting and deck strip but still less expensive than composite overlay. You'll want a plywood subfloor..

Installing a Hardwood Floor Over a Concrete Slab - American . Moisture can pose problems for solid hardwood floors below ground level, so engineered wood floors (made of layers of wood glued together) are the best choice there. Protect the Flooring. Wood floors should not be subjected to very wet conditions. Before delivery to the site, the building should be closed-in with outside..

Plywood Underlayment - Basics To Get You Started - The Spruce Feb 17, 2017 . Find out how plywood underlayment can benefit your finish flooring project. . And plywood is the most popular choice for underlayment. . Ceramic Tile: If you do choose to use plywood as underlayment for ceramic tile rather than cementboard or fiber cement board, use 1/2" AC exterior grade plywood

Install Sheet Vinyl Flooring - Lowe's Linoleum or vinyl flooring: Sheet vinyl can be laid over old linoleum or vinyl flooring if the existing floor is in good condition. If the old floor has a rough . When installing the new underlayment, stagger the seams of the plywood panels, and leave a 1/32-inch gap between panels to allow for expansion. Leave a 1/8-inch gap..

How to Install Subflooring for a Wood or Concrete Floor | how-tos | DIY It is applied over the main floor structure, although in some cases the floor itself can provide the necessary base for the floor covering. The most common . There are two options for a wooden floor: plywood and OSB. . Turn the board over, and lay a straight edge (such as a meter ruler) along the scored line. Snap the board..

Porch Flooring Material Options - The Spruce Apr 4, 2017 . A porch consists of any free standing structure that is attached to, but exists outside of, the base frame of the building. . This is an exotic wood porch flooring choice that features a lovely red tinted hue. Easier to . Another drawback is that over time exposure to constant sun can cause these floors to fade

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