composite decking vs pressure treated wood

Deck Designs: Composite vs. Pressure Treated Wood | DBS Remodel Mar 21, 2017 . Deck Designs: Composite vs. Pressure Treated Wood. Although we recently got hit with over 2 feet of snow, believe it or not, spring is just around the corner and it is time to start thinking about your outdoor living spaces. There's no denying the appeal of great deck designs but, there's a choice to be made in..

Pros and Cons of Wood and Composite Decking - RoofPRO LLC Just as a reminder before we dive in, composite and synthetic decking is not the same (there is sometimes confusion around this point!). Composite is a blend of plastic (often recycled) and wood materials, while synthetic is plastic. Synthetic is a popular option, but we're going to focus only on pressure-treated wood and..

How Long Will My Wood or Composite Deck Last? Sep 29, 2017 . Pressure-treated lumber can be made from a huge variety of wood types, but better-quality wood creates a better-quality result. This option still needs to be sealed and maintained for the best life span. Many varieties of pressure-treated wood come with a limited lifetime warranty, but the lifespan referred to..

Trends in Decking: Wood vs. Composite | Professional Builder Mar 9, 2015 . Whether working on a porch or deck you'll need lumber. It's important to study up on the pros, cons, and latest options in wood versus composite lumber to help educate and guide your customers. Wood Wood decking options may consist of pressure-treated lumber, as well as redwood, cedar and other..

Wood vs. Composite vs. Polymer | Decks | Lancaster PA Although slightly more expensive than pressure-treated wood, composite decking is another good choice. Composite decks are made up of two main substances: resin and wood. Manufacturers use wood pieces to give the panels the appearance of natural wood. These wood pieces also add a lot of structural support to..

Pressure-Treated Wood vs. Composite Boards: Which to Choose . Oct 10, 2017 . Your local lumberyard or home improvement center has a wide range of decking and dimensional lumber to choose from, so how do you know what's best for your project? Two of the hottest products right now are pressure-treated wood and composite boards, and you could easily spark a bar fight among..

Decking Decisions | This Old House While pressure-treated "green" Southern yellow pine still goes into 80 percent of all decks, there are several alternatives even within the pressure-treated (PT) lumber category. Other choices include exotic hardwoods and a variety of nonwood products, such as engineered vinyl systems and plastic-wood composites

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