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Interior/Exterior Designs with Carlton Panels | See Photosand fieldstone Summer Tan. CP19. Cobblestone Sierra Sand. Before and After. CP20. Cobblestone Desert Sky. Before and After. CP21. Cobblestone Desert Sky. CP22. Cobblestone Desert Sky. This faux stone paneling accents the windows and adds contrast to the existing brick. CP23. Cobblestone Smoke. Before and After. CP24. Cobblestone Summer Tan. Before and After. CP25. Cobblestone Harvest. This stone panel siding made from faux materials helps conceal the unsightly ...

Artificial Stone Panels and Siding | Natural Look for LessArtificial stone panels and siding available in a wide range of natural looking colors, textures and styles. Get beautiful results for any home or business.

Dry Stack Wall Panels | Distinct Stone Finishes for Less - Faux PanelsDry Stack wall panels with a wide selection of distinct finishes to bring sophistication to any design, without the expense of installing real stone.

Fireplace Transformation with Fieldstone | Creative Faux Panels25 May 2012 ... Julie Rabe from Michigan sent us before and after pictures of her DIY fireplace transformation cladding the dull drywall with the look of real fieldstone. Check out the amazing results! BEFORE: Julie's chimney was functional, but not much to look at. We're pretty proud of ourselves, emails Julie, and your product! Let me know what you think. Well, we think she did an incredible job! Using carlton fieldstone tall panels, Julie managed to perfectly recreate the look of ...

Tall Wainscoting Panel | Stacked Stone Style, More Coveragetall wainscoting panel with a realistic stacked stone finish, ideally sized for wainscot or other design projects that require a little extra coverage.

Faux Cobblestone | Gorgeous Panels, Columns & CornersFaux cobblestone panels, columns and corners are a smart, inexpensive way to add the captivating look of hand-laid cobbled stone to any home or business.

Fieldstone Veneer Panels | Old New England Style for Lessfieldstone veneer panels offer the dramatic appeal of real New England fieldstone at a fraction of the cost and labor time. Little maintenance required.

Order Samples | Faux Brick, Stone, Wood Paneling ... - Faux PanelsOrder samples from our large selection of faux panels , siding and columns. Convenient and risk-free way to preview, full rebate with order.

Fieldstone Wall Panels and Home Siding | Natural Style - Faux Panelsfieldstone wall panels and home siding are inexpensive and effortless solutions to infuse warmth and originality into your home's appearance.

Cobblestone Wall Panels | Add Timeless Stone Look for LessDescription of carlton Cobblestone Summer Tan Panel: Rough textures, natural tones and rugged interlocking of thick cobblestone slabs... it's a timeless statement, a look that fits in wherever offbeat beauty trumps predictability. carlton Cobblestone wall panels are perfect for a den or fireplace area, a foundation, patio or the entire exterior of a home or commercial building. This style is taller than a standard panel, making it ideal for wainscoting projects. Its height makes it fit under most ...

How to Install Siding from Novi | Step-by-Step ... - Faux PanelsSee how to install siding from the Novi line of products with these easy, step-by-step instruction guides with photos, tips and tricks.

Imitation Rock Tall Panels | Authentic Look of Castle RockDescription of carlton Castle Rock Summer Tan Panel: When your goal is a natural-looking interior or exterior that's attractive but not loud, lending itself beautifully to almost any architectural style, carlton imitation rock panels are your answer. Choose from several finishes, each one with neat lines, realistic colors and textures to add a quiet grace to any room or exterior. These panels have more than just good looks going for them - thanks to their polyurethane composition. They boast ...

Frequently Asked Questions | Panels, Siding, Columns - Faux PanelsFind answers to your most frequently asked questions (FAQ) about each product line of faux wood, brick or stone paneling, siding and columns.

Carlton Panels - Faux PanelsThe carlton line of faux rock, stone and brick panels is a great way to bring the timelessness of cut stone or hand-laid brick into your home. Whether you choose the rustic look of Ledgestone, the appeal of the Cobblestone's charming and distinct patterning, the more angular lines of the Castle Rock faux panel<sup> </sup>, the classic, yet unpretentious Brick siding, or the unique mosaic arrangement of fieldstone, your wall surfaces are guaranteed to get a facelift. These polyurethane panels, in&nbsp;...

Product Specifications | Paneling, Siding and Columns - Faux PanelsReview product and testing specifications for the brick, stone and wood-style paneling and siding products at .

Faux Stone Sheets: Faux Stone Panels, Faux Brick Panels, Stone ...Faux Stone Sheets is a manufacturer of durable, realistic faux stone panels, faux brick panels, and rustic wood panels which install quickly and easily.

Fake Brick & Stone Chimneys | Home Design Ideas - Faux PanelsSo easy to install, thanks to its interlocking panels and large number of styles and colors make Norwich manufactured stone siding panels a consistent favorite. View Product &middot; Faux brick, cobblestone and more create the look of a stone mason's work. carlton panels. From faux brick to cobblestone and fieldstone siding panels and more, carlton can create the look of elaborate, hand-laid chimneys while staying easy to install. View Product &middot; Fake stone siding panels look like real&nbsp;...

Interior Wall Panels and Siding Options | Shop Faux StylesA huge collection of interior wall panels and exterior siding options in faux brick, stone & wood. Indoors or out your walls will be covered, beautifully. ... products to ship out. Firerated panels may take longer. Norwich Colorado Stacked Stone tall panels 49" × 37" × 1 " Quick ship option available on all models. Birchwood Colorado Stacked Stone tall &middot; Birchwood. $157.02 ..... of approximate

Fireplace Photos: Ideas with Brick & Stone Faux Panels Norwich Colorado Stacked Stone Desert Sand. FI96. Regency Stacked Stone Earth. Fireplace stone veneer is a wonderful interior design element. FI97. carlton fieldstone Harvest. A River Rock fireplace brings added comfort to your home. ... one, can truly enhance the look and feel of FI108. Norwich Colorado Stacked Stone tall Desert Sand. Before and After. FI109. Windsor Slatestone Mojave. FI110. Oxford Ledgestone Tan. Before and After. FI111. carlton Castle Rock Desert Sky.

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