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Replicated Polymeric Optical Waveguide Devices . - OSA Publishing nectable to plastic optical fibers (POFs) fabricated by hot emboss- ing using thermo-plastic resin are . Materials, Tohoku University, Sendai. 980-8577, Japan (e-mail:; sugihara@tagen. ... dependency of the mode distribution will be clarified. By decreasing the branching angle, the excess..

II. Analysis using Updated Input-Output Tables understand the changes in the value of Japanese exports and the shifts in its structure. (ii) In order to assess the impact of exports' structural change on domestic production, calculate export ratios, the value of domestic production induced by exports, the production inducement dependency on individual final demand items..

Invention Turns Plastic into Oil - ATTN: Feb 17, 2017 . Scientists have estimated that there are hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of metric tons of plastic floating in our oceans today. Toxins from the plastic are negatively affecting the health of sea animals and the humans who eat them. What makes this worse is that plastic doesn't naturally biodegrade,..

Embracing Waste: Why We Shouldn't Eliminate Our Plastic . Nov 21, 2013 . The world's love affair with plastic has been something of a messy one. In one form or another, plastic has been part of our everyday lives for a little over a century, arguably revolutionizing industry at a scale no other synthetic material has done before or since. The heavy cost underlying these gains has..

Plastics. The Future for Automakers and Chemical . - AT Kearney Plastics. The Future for. Automakers and. Chemical Companies. As legislative bodies hammer out laws to reduce man-made emissions, and $150-a-barrel oil seems feasible, it is . those in North America and Japan. The latter have . bioplastics' primary raw material base is diversified and its dependency on oil reduced

Global recycling markets: plastic waste - The International Solid . Japan, Germany and the UK. The top world importers are: China at $6.1B and its SAR Hong Kong at $1.65B, fol- lowed by the USA, the Netherlands and Belgium. Plastic scrap flows from Western countries with estab- lished collection systems mainly to. China, which dominates the interna- tional market, receiving around 56..

PLASTIC JAPAN PLASTIC JAPAN is an international exhibition for highly-functional plastics and composites gathering all kinds of production equipment, technologies, materials, etc. The show offers quality opportunities to expand business in Japan/Asia market

Statistics Bureau Home Page/Statistical Handbook of Japan 2017 The Population Census shows that Japan had 53.33 million private households (excluding "institutional households" such as students in school dormitories) in 2015, ... Japan is possible, consumption of livestock products and oils and fats, for which overseas dependence for feed and raw materials is inevitable, increased

How Plastic is Harming Florida's Marine Life, and What We Can Do . I see firsthand the impacts of plastic pollution on the oceans and on sea turtles and other marine life. . During my travels, whether walking the beaches of Israel or teaching ocean conservation in the Bahamas, I have seen the global impact of our plastic dependency and the effects it is having on our oceans and marine life

Fracture prediction with a material model based on stress-rate . 1Keio University, Graduate School of Science and Technology, 2238522 Hiyoshi 3-14-1, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama, Japan. 2The University . proposed model is based on stress-rate dependency related with non-associated flow rule in which an arbitrary order function for both the yield and plastic potential functions are used

Fate of microplastics and mesoplastics carried by surface currents . Aug 15, 2017 . Highlights. We revealed the transport processes of small plastic fragments in the Sea of Japan. . Stokes drift during winter carries the plastic fragments toward the Japanese coast. ... 4b and d) results from the abovementioned size dependency of particle motion in terms of the Stokes drift. This was..

Plastics, the environment and human health: current consensus and . Work in Japan has shown that plastics can accumulate and concentrate persistent organic pollutants that have arisen in the environment from other sources. These contaminants can become orders of magnitude more concentrated on the surface of plastic debris than in the surrounding sea water (Mato et al. 2001). Teuten..

Study on the electrical properties of a biodegradable plastic - IEEE . A polylactic acid (PLA) that is a biodegradable plastic, was subjected to measurements of conduction current and dielectric properties as well as thermal a. . For the electric field dependence of the conduction current of PLA in the high electric field, the current density (J) rapidly increased and /spl rho/ rapidly decreased,..

NGO seeks to cure India's plastic dependency | ZDNet May 30, 2013 . Ever since Delhi began banning plastic bags, shopping has become a nightmare. I invariably forget to carry cloth bags before I step out to shop. The result: I bring home my grocery in half-torn paper bags and even end up dropping a few things along the way. But as someone who cares for the environment,..

IPF Japan 2017 - IPF Japan (International Plastic Fair) *The figures are the number of visitor's badge issued at the registration. If the same visitor entered on multiple days, they are counted as only one. 2017/10/17: Floor Map is updated. 2017/06/30: Visitor Pre-Registration started. 2017/06/27: Exhibitors List is now open. 2016/12/9: We have established the FaceBook Fans..

Plastic anisotropic constitutive equation based on stress-rate . Series 896 (2017) 012021 doi :10.1088/1742-6596/896/1/012021. Plastic anisotropic constitutive equation based on stress-rate dependence related to non-associated flow rule for bifurcation analysis. T Oya1, J Yanagimoto2, K Ito3, G Uemura3 and N Mori3. 1 Keio University, 3-14-1 Hiyoshi, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama, Japan

Japan's population falls at fastest rate since 1968 - Japan Today Jul 6, 2017 . I don't see how the declining population is going to help Japan's import dependency (if that is the main benefit as you seem to suggest). A smaller population with the right demographic balance might be less import dependent, but Japan isn't evolving in that direction. It is getting a smaller population but..

Environmental implications of plastic debris in marine settings . It is therefore perhaps surprising to find that there are numerous reports of sunken marine debris of all kinds settling to the sea floor at all depths rom inter-tidal to abyssal environments; e.g. the Skagerrak (Hollstr枚m 1975); Tokyo Bay, Japan (Kanehiro et al. 1995); tidal flats, Ambon Bay, Indonesia (Uneputty & Evans 1997);..

Plastic to Oil Fantastic on Vimeo Apr 13, 2009 . The Japanese company Blest has developed one of the smallest and safest oil-to-plastic conversion machines out on the market today. . solving our landfill and garbage disposal issues to reducing our oil dependency on the Middle East, his machine may one day be in every household across Japan

CONVERTING PLASTIC OCEAN WASTE INTO OIL HOW TO SAVE . While many proposed solutions like this are not without hiccups or detractors, they are a step forward in coming to terms with our oil and plastics dependence and . Japan is a country with few natural resources, so spawning the idea of converting plastic into oil as a method of turning a mountain of waste into an oil field

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