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ENCLOSED BALCONY EXTENSION | Mathieu & Mitchell Ltd. Structural glazing normally used in commercial and industrial buildings was employed to provide the over-sized glazing units. This meant that the clear views could be achieved while also been able to withstand the high winds. The existing slate roof was extended over the structure to give the impression that the alteration..

Building rules: what the changes mean for homeowners looking to . Sep 6, 2012 . "It's all well and good suggesting the answer to the housing crisis is to extend existing properties, but unless you have got the 20,000 upwards to pay for it sitting in your bank account, there could be funding issues. "Lending is tougher than before the downturn so getting your mortgage lender to advance..

Second Story Balcony Additions - Modernize Dec 7, 2015 . Everything you need to know about adding a second story balcony, from the cost to the pros and cons and overall maintenance required. . But if you're planning to use your balcony for storage or to extend your entertaining space, you may want look into a bigger structure or opt for a ground-floor deck

CR4 - Thread: Addition of Balcony While Constructing a Floor On . I am proposing to construct a floor on my existing ground floor which is a rcc framed structure with infill brick walls and the roof slab is rcc. i had not extended the roof slab or any beams as cantilevers earlier to make the balconies for the proposed upper floor. But there are stub bars of about a meter high..

Ultimate guide to extending your home | Real Homes Nov 3, 2017 . You're not normally allowed to build higher than the existing house. However, side-extension roofs and walls often need to be set back slightly from it (perhaps by 10 5cm). Overlooking. Features such as upper-floor balconies can be contentious if they overlook the neighbours. For windows, you can use..

Extending a porch from a 2 story building! - YouTube Jul 14, 2014 . Follow my instagram- dannniyy Construction around Chicagoland neighborhood. Call for Adrian @ (773) 619-0858 for estimates and any construction project!Adding a Balcony: Quick Guide | Homebuilding & Renovating Feb 13, 2017 . Over the past decade, there has been a significant increase in the number of UK homeowners looking to add a balcony or veranda to their property. Balconies are already a standard feature on most homes in central Europe, including the colder climes of Scandinavia. They provide stylish spaces for outdoor..

Extending an existing 1st floor balcony (Planning Forum) - Forums . Jun 21, 2012 . I had planning permission for and built a small balcony outside the french windows of a bedroom on my loft conversion. The balcony sits on top of a flat roof from a previous kitchen extension. I recently extended the balcony to cover the whole of the flat roof. I mistakenly thought I didn't need planning..

BloomFrame Turns a Window Into a Balcony - Gizmodo Feb 26, 2007 . Dutch architecture firm Hofman Dujardin has just designed BloomFrame, a window that you can convert into a balcony. It's like . 12/11/2017. Since these window/balconies can be installed in existing buildings, soon it may be time to start pressuring that landlord of yours to put balconies everywhere

Extension balcony system - Werzalit High-quality design. Nearly unlimited design options for the building look. Expertise of experienced WERZALIT partners. Complete system from a single provider. Increased property value. High cost-effectiveness thanks to long-lasting materials. Minimal care required. Low-maintenance..

Balcony Restoration Chicago | Structural Technologies, Inc | Repair A phased Repair & Replacement Program will be provided for each Building and the entire property. Repair recommendations for the adjacent wall areas and steel guardrails will be included in the report. Optional methods of repair to extend the useful life of the existing concrete balcony surfaces and existing guardrails,..

Need to build balcony with extending concrete roof. - Houzz Jun 17, 2014 . I have two floor house and want to built the third floor, when building the third floor I want to extend the 2 floor roof so that I can build balcony Balcony Deck These joists must also extend to a second bearing location inside the home, often a beam or bearing wall down the middle of the home. Renovating an existing home for this style of deck is not practical. Ceiling finishes below the joists would need to be removed, as would any electrical, plumbing or mechanical systems..

AD 1-Cantilever Slab Extension | Concrete | Beam (Structure) - Scribd Engineering challenge Introduce a Balcony slab to existing building. Client requirement Parapet wall around the balcony for safety. Brick wall. Brick wall. Slab to introduce. Existing Beam Existing Slab. Conventional Methods Option 1. Break the existing slab to the extent of anchorage length of proposed slab..

Can a roof be added to a 5x11 balcony without adding extra . With new awnings being so expensive I got a quote to add a roof to the balcony, but some people are telling me while contractors will build it, the balcony wasn't designed to support a . IF you haveno design snowload, then existing supports might handle it - but requires design expertise to evaluate that

Extensions - Planning Portal - Wales If your extension is within 2 metres of a boundary of your house, it cannot exceed 4 metres in height. The appearance of the materials used in the extension must, as far as possible, match those used for your existing home. You may not build verandas, raised platforms, roof terraces or balconies. A Juliet balcony that has no..

Extending existing balcony question (floor, install, prices . One of the few things we do not like in a home we will likely buy is it has a small balcony with a small patio right beneath it. House is over 4500 sq ft. Is it possible / legal to extend both? Location is the Plano/Dallas area in Texas. We want to add about 100-200 sq ft. Balcony and patio are now about 100 sq ft..

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