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DIY Tounge and Groove Floor Board Replacement - CREATIVE . Oct 21, 2015 . How To Remove One Floor Board From a Tongue and Groove Floor I thought about it for a few days and suggested we just try and remove one board and see how my idea works. If it turns out, we can replace the other 3 boards for under $10 and a lot less work. I so hate to purchase new floors until we are..

Hardwood Floor Repair: How to Patch a Hardwood Floor | Family . Replacing damaged or hole-filled hardwood tongue-and-groove floorboards takes a couple of hours, sharp tools and an understanding of how to break the interlocking tongue-and-groove board edges. When removing old flooring, create a new butt joint on just the side of the plank that's closest to the hole or where the..

Simple Wood-Floor Fixes - Old House Restoration, Products . Nov 22, 2010 . A 1918 bungalow in Mount Ranier, Maryland, displays beautiful, original tongue-in-groove pine floors that had been covered for decades by vinyl tiles hen subsequent layers of plywood, vinyl tiles, . Measure the distance between joists, and transfer that measurement to the boards that need replacing

True Dimensional Lumber Repairs - Extreme How To Mar 5, 2011 . One tip when selecting treated lumber for this type of a project is to purchase boards that have been stored in the direct sunlight and have already dried out. If you mill wet . Use an old board as a template for the tongue-and-groove joints, and rout the new joints along each replacement piece. I set my..

Simple Home Repairs: Wood Porch Flooring Replacing the damaged flooring. Laying a tongue-and-groove flooring on a subfloor Measure the length of the cut-out opening of the floor. As illustrated in Figure 10, use the square to mark this cut line on the new board. Place the board in the miter box with the hand saw placed at the 90 degree miter (Figure 11). Make the..

a little hardwood floor repair - The Space Between Jul 29, 2013 . We knew our floor boards were tongue and groove so we couldn't just pull up one board without those little tongues and grooves messing things up for the boards in . Once we had the whole wood slat out we measured our replacement piece, that we had to buy in an 8 foot length, and cut it to size

PORCH FLOORING REPAIR damage the tongue or groove of the sound board next to it. Once you have the first board out, use a cat's paw or pry bar to take out any other damaged pieces. Before putting down the replacement flooring, look carefully at the wood frame underneath. The flooring is nailed to boards called oists (see illustration 3). To have..

Repairing Floating Hardwood Floors - Uptown Floors You can remove the larger cut out portion of the board by wiggling up and down, but keep a sharp eye on how it may be affecting the good boards that will . When inserting new boards do so by engaging the tongue into the existing board Weight down repair groove at an angle. Some boards may not go in easily and may..

How to Replace Damaged Tongue and Groove Boards . If you have tongue and groove boards on your floor, there is a chance that you will need to repair them at some point

How to Replace a Nail Down Prefinished Hardwood Floor Board Jul 2, 2010 . Set the depth of the skill saw to the thickness of the board being replaced. Apply blue tape around the board that is being cut so you don't mistakenly cut into another plank. Cut down the length of the board on the groove side and on the tongue side and then make another cut diagonally across the first two..

Replacing a Hardwood Flooring Board Gaylord Flooring Jul 9, 2017 . Tools Required for a Flooring Board Replacement Urethane Based Adhesive Urethane Based Adhesive Remover Matching Stain Pen or Stain Painters . Dry fit the board in to place by putting the tongue of the new board into the groove of the adjacent board and setting it into place to ensure the board fits

Ceiling Repair Learn How To Install Gorgeous Tongue and Groove . Feb 17, 2017 . Board: The kinds of pine tongue and groove boards you may buy at a Lowe's, Home Depot, or local lumberyard would be a width of 5 1/2", lengths anywhere from 8' to 12', and thickness of 3/4". Longer does not necessarily translate to better, because then you are trying to manage an exceedingly long..

How to Replace Hardwood Floor Boards in a Tongue and Groove . Nov 5, 2012 . For a free estimate or any questions, please call Amherst Finishing at (716) 907-2746 today! This video shows the process from start to finish of how to remove tongue and groove boards from a floor without damaging any adjacent boards, prepare the area for new flooring, and install the new flooring

How to Replace Tongue and Groove Boards in Hardwood Flooring . DIY Network explains how to replace broken tongue and groove boards in hardwood flooring

Replacing A Damaged Tongue-And-Groove Board In 7 Easy Steps . Apr 6, 2010 . Damaged board paneling reacts well to a variety of techniques for repairing minor scratches and slashes, dents, and even deep gouges. But if the damaged paneling is too severe, you may want to replace one or more of the damaged tongue and groove boards. Be sure to carefully match any new paneling..

How to Repair a Tongue-and-Groove Wood Floor | This Old House Set the new floorboard into place with its end tongue fitting into the end groove of the adjacent floorboard. 10. Press down the new floorboard, then use a hammer and scrap-wood block to tap the board into place. 11. Continue to cut and install new floorboards, notching them when necessary with a jigsaw to fit around pipes..

How to Replace a Rotten Wood Porch Floor | Today's Homeowner Watch this video to find out how to remove a rotten wood porch floor, and replace it with pressure treated pine floor joists and tongue and groove flooring. . The two boards are nailed together numerous times over their length, and the new one is attached securely to the band joist to replace all the lost strength. Now it's..

How to Replace Sections of a Tongue & Groove Hardwood Floor . Tongue-and-groove flooring uses a system of interlocking edges tongues and grooves to stay in place with few nails. When floor planks get split or warped, replace them for aesthetic reasons and ..

How to Replace Tongue and Groove Hardwood Floor in the Middle . One of the best benefits of hardwood is that it is easy to replace a single piece, especially if you use tongue and groove hardwood. You don't have to . the entire board. Be careful not to scuff up any of the surrounding boards during this process or, if your wood floor is flush with concrete, to damage the bit of your power drill

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