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Hey Mr. Green: What's the Greenest Choice for House Siding? Mar 19, 2011 . If you can get wood siding that is certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) it's a very reasonable option. And with the new, far less . Besides, over 80% of steel is recycled, compared to about 53 percent of the aluminum, and less than 10 percent of the plastic. As to your reservations..

Upgrading to Eco-Friendly Siding | HGTV Jeff Wilson's Deep Energy Retrofit (DER) of his 70-year-old Cape Cod home included replacing 50-year-old aluminum siding with an eco-friendlier option. But first he air-sealed the home. Siding was the final step to creating an energy efficient "curtain wall." Here are the steps Jeff took to get the siding job done

Fiber Cement Siding - Minnesota Sustainable Housing Initiative Choosing options that use recycled and/or recyclable materials can minimize these environmental impacts. Many of the more sustainable alternatives use fiber-cement, recycled metal, and recycled plastic as panels or planks. Some alternative wood siding products use wood fibers and other byproducts from recycled and..

Environmental Siding Options | HomeAdvisor - Home automation, energy-efficient appliances and consistent recycling are great ways to green the inside of your home. But what about the outside? With more homeowners looking for ways to go green, the interest in environmentally friendly siding is growing. Here are six types of home siding that will protect your home..

Common Types of Home Siding - The Spruce Aug 27, 2017 . Learn about the benefits, costs, and maintenance details for all types of home siding materials, including wood, vinyl, aluminum, and fiber cement. . development in a residential siding. It's durable, very low-maintenance, and made from recyclable materials, so it's resource-efficient and beautiful to boot

Reclaimed Wood Siding for Homes | Centennial Woods Centennial Woods is known for its quality, and its unique colors and textures. Knots, antique nails, nail holes and variations in patina are part of its charm and should be expected. Testimonial. Recalimed wood bedroom. The wood was perfect, exactly what we were looking for. You helped me score some big points with..

Which Home Siding Options Are Most Eco-Friendly? | Peak Oil Jul 28, 2017 . It's not the best for durability, it doesn't insulate as well, and it won't last you decades, but it can still be a good alternative to other non-sustainable housing options. Metal is considered very sustainable because it can be recycled. Steel is currently the most recycled material in the United States. The siding is..

Eco-Friendly House Siding Options - Chasing Green Apr 12, 2011 . What about once the siding reaches the end of its life, will you be able to reuse or recycle the materials? Because a home's exterior can reflect as much about the homeowner's green lifestyle as the interior, we've put together some of the environmental pros and cons of the siding options currently available

Top 3 Sustainable Siding Materials | However, doing some research to see if your aluminum or steel siding is coming from a recycled source is a good idea, as not all metal siding is recycled. Steel and aluminum have a variety of advantages in addition to being eco-friendly. They are both very fire resistant, especially in comparison to wood or vinyl. Additionally..

Reclaimed Timber: The Benefits of Recycled Materials Not to mention, the resources you'll be saving by choosing vintage options instead of brand new materials. But here's the question: How do you actually build a home from reclaimed timber? Should you go it alone, piecing together items from different businesses that specialize in recovered floors, siding, timbers you..

All About Siding Materials and Styles - Tiny House for Us Jan 2, 2015 . For a long time wood was the only choice for siding. Despite new materials like vinyl and cement, wood is the traditional choice and also one of the most versatile. From cedar shingles and live edge clapboard to pieces from a reclaimed barn, you have an abundance of choices for wood siding and it's..

A Dozen Popular Exterior Siding Choices - ThoughtCo Jul 18, 2017 . Compare these exterior siding options, from traditional clapboard to corrugated metals. . Nothing will affect the appearance of your home more dramatically than the exterior siding you choose. As you .. Although vinyl can be recycled, the manufacturing process is known to be hard on the environment

30 Eco-Chic Houses Made of 10 Types of Recycled Materials . Jul 11, 2011 . Waste materials that are reclaimed for new structures can be as simple as a bunch of stacked tires or a boat that's no longer seaworthy, or as complex as old stone bricks re-sculpted to look like new. They can be roughly cobbled together into rustic cabins, or masterfully incorporated into stunning modern..

Green Siding Options | Green Siding Buyers Guide | HouseLogic If you think you'll pay a premium for selecting green siding for your home, think again. Many of the best sustainable choices are familiar materials that have been on the market for years. Some products are made with recycled materials and others have improved insulating qualities that add only a moderate increase in price

Durable Siding Options: Side By Side - Green Builder Media Sep 28, 2015 . In general, most of the major siding types ncluding fiber cement, brick, stucco and wood re long lasting, although durability does depend on proper installation . Boral has also taken measures to recycle water, and has reduced water use in its North American facilities by 50 percent (per ton of product..

Home Exterior Basics Do Siding Companies Recycle . - The Spruce Mar 1, 2017 . Some types of primary siding can get covered over, but vinyl does not provide a solid enough surface for a second layer of siding. While it's difficult to give an answer that applies to all vinyl siding installers, we can say this: in general, yes, you can expect the installation company to dispose of the current..

Building Green: Recycled Choices for Your Home Exterior However, just as with siding, there are several options for replacing a roof with sustainable materials. One of the best sustainable roofing options is recycled shingles made from waste materials. These may be made from plastic, rubber, or wood fiber. Recycled shingles are attractive you wouldn't know that they were..

SIDING OPTIONS SIDING OPTIONS for houses and garages. There are an increasing number of options oth traditional materials and new products that can be used to replace existing siding or to finish new construction (such as an addition or . This plastic siding is usually made from recycled materials, and is available in patterns that

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