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New Kiln Advances Science of Thermally Modified Wood Products Jan 9, 2013 . Thermal modification technology is being tested as a chemical-free method to increase the durability of Midwest wood species. . e'd put more local loggers and truckers to work hauling wood to the manufacturing plants, which would help our critical forest products industry, much of which has a rural..

About Us - Hot-Woods.Com Improving Wood through Thermal Modification. Hot-Woods LLC does one thing: We make wood better. The following question constantly faces wood product manufacturers in all industries: ow can we infuse the best combination of beautiful material, strength, and stability into a product that will satisfy the..

Atlanta Hardwood Corporation Expands, Adding Thermally Modified . thermally_modified_lumber_exterior_bench Atlanta Hardwood Corporation is pleased to announce they have added a thermal modification kiln to its integrated line of wood products manufacturing. The closed-system pressure vessel will provide thermally modified lumber for use in applications where decay resistance and..

Thermally Modified Wood - BioResources Thermally-modified wood (TMW) has enhanced properties and its production does not involve the use of chemicals. However, the adoption of TMW in the marketplace has been limited in the U.S. for reasons that have not yet been clearly established. In this study, the marketing practices of U.S. producers and distributors of..

Thermo wood | timura Using our patented Vacu3 method, we are able to thermally modify virtually any native wood. timura primarily uses its patented press drying method to transform and refine ash, poplar, pine and oak into thermo wood with durability class 1 or 2. The woods are placed in a vacuum chamber and thermally modified to make..

Thermally-Modified Wood - Northland Forest Products In addition to its dark rich tones, this innovative hardwood product is also non-toxic, highly durable, and dimensionally stable. Cambia by NFP is offered as: siding; trim; ripped blanks; pulled widths; rough lumber. For complete information on our thermally modified line of products, please visit our Cambia by NFP website:..

Why you'll love thermally modified wood | DesignNY Magazine A. In the U.S. the best TMW comes from wood that's grown and processed domestically, then shipped to Europe for the thermal modification. There are several domestic manufacturers but they lack the European experience. This is critical because if the process isn't done correctly, you lose the benefits. However, the U.S. is..

Distributors & Dealers of Environmentally Friendly Thermally . Manufacturer of EcoPrem thermally modified wood deck, fence & siding products looking to partner with distributors & dealers across the country; offers top-quality, environmentally friendly wood products that contractors & customers want: hold up for decades, are safe, non-toxic, chemical-free

Thermally Modified Wood Heats Up the Siding Market | ProSales . Aug 1, 2016 . Thermally modified wood's durability and attractive appearance are leading to increased popularity, especially on high-end projects. Thermally treated wood's big selling point is that it is decay-resistant and non-toxic. No chemicals are used in . Other manufacturers use a similar process. e're basically..

Thermally modified wood - Wikipedia Three major Estonian producers of thermally modified wood emerged in the late 1990s: Brenstol OU, Tre-Timber OU and Ha-Serv. All 3 companies focused on providing sauna materials for the Finnish market and interior flooring renstol specializing in hardwoods and..


Thermally modified wood - The University of Tennessee, Knoxville Thermally-modified lumber has been commercially available for a few years in Europe, where it is used for siding, decking and outdoor furniture. Recently a few companies in the US have started producing thermally-modified wood products, including a mill in Tennessee. Thermally-modified wood is a special material with..

thermally modified lumber | Hardwood Distributors Thermally modified hardwood may represent an up-and-coming contender to compete with treated wood and composite products. Thermally treated wood boasts advantages over both. The question remains whether this product will be adopted by consumers. The process is not well understood by those outside of the wood..

No Kidding. Thermally Modified wood - retail markets via such companies as. Radiance Wood Products (radiance-, EcoVantage (,. Bay Tree Technologies (purewoodprod-, and Northland Forest. Products ( The thermal modification process. (see illustration at right) starts where kiln-drying leaves off,..

Pakari Thermally Modified Decking Developed in Finland, and successfully used commercially in Europe since the 1990's, Thermal Modification is a chemical free method of heat treating wood with nothing . We have been in the wood industry for over 65 years, which means we don't just manufacture products that sell, we manufacture products that last

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